Drinking Blood Bags – The Latest Vampire Craze in China

Drinking red blood-like drinks has been a growing trend in China for a few years now, but it really became a social phenomenon among teenagers after the launch of the fifth season of American TV drama, The Vampire Diaries.

Now you can find red “Blood type energy potions” pretty much everywhere. They can be ordered online, or enjoyed in the company of fellow would-be vampires at themed cafes. One such establishment recently opened in Liaoning, and quickly became a hit with youths fascinated by Dracula and other popular blood-suckers. The staff is dressed as doctors and nurses, drinks are only available in plastic blood bags inscribed with different blood types, coffins adorn the walls and vampire-themes music plays in the background.


Drinks that normally look nothing like blood – mineral water, coffee white wine, etc. – are dyed and transfused to the blood bags before being served to customers. “’The Vampire Diaries’ are enormously popular here now and with all the interest in everything to do with vampires, we felt this was something that would really catch on,” said Hsin Hsia, 43, manager of the coffee house.


And apparently, he wasn’t the only one who thought blood bag drinks would really take off in China. The “B-type blood energy potion” is another popular blood bag drink that can be purchased online in China. Its makers decided to go one step further and make the drink as blood-like as possible. Advertised as “the world’s first blood substitute beverage”, the red concoction apparently “has the same texture, color and nutrients as blood but it doesn’t taste like blood.”

The list of ingredients on the bag say the energy potion contains sodium, potassium, iron, protein, carbohydrates, and just about everything else a young vampire needs to stay in great shape. For customers who are too freaked out by the resemblance to blood, the drinks come in different colors like blue, yellow or orange.

via GB Times

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