Drug Trafficker Pretends to Be Young Mother by Dressing Cat in Infant’s Clothes

Police in Russia recently arrested a woman who reportedly dressed a cat in thick baby clothing in order to look like an innocent young mother and traffic dangerous drugs.

It’s a well-documented fact that drug traffickers come up with all sorts of ingenious techniques to move their products undisturbed. We’ve written about drugs diluted in women’s breast implants, or concealed in hollowed-out coffee beans, but these methods pale in comparison to that used by a young Russian woman trying to conceal packets of methamphetamines in the city of Nizhny Tagil. According to police spokeswoman Irina Volk, the unnamed woman was spotted walking hand in hand with a little girl and pushing a stroller with what looked like a baby inside. It’s unclear whether police were tipped off about the woman, or they simply noticed something off about her, but neither she nor her baby were what they seemed.

When police officers stopped the woman near a holiday resort on the outskirts of Nizhny Tagil, they quickly noticed that while something was moving in the stroller, it was most likely not a baby. There was no head coming out of the thick winter onesie, and when they decided to take a closer look, they were shocked to find a cat instead of a kid.

It’s not easy to pass off a feline as a human baby, but the suspected drug dealer did her best. Photos and videos released by the Russian Interior Ministry show the cat wearing a baby hat, a onesie, tiny boots, and even a diaper. But what surprised everyone the most was how calm the cat seemed despite her unusual attire, it was like she had been trained for this.

Irina Volk claims that along with the cat, police officers found several small packages inside the baby clothing containing a total of 170 grams of methamphetamines that the woman had been trying to sell. Originally from Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region, the suspect had allegedly been sent here by her ’employer’ to pick up a shipment of drugs and then spread it around the city.

The suspect is currently in custody until sentencing. No news on how the cat is faring…


via Newizv (Russian)

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