Entrepreneur Sparks Controversy by Offering Fishing Trip in the Company of Naked Women

A boat tour organizer in Thailand has been getting a lot of attention because of his original-yet-controversial business idea – fishing trips in the company of nude ladies.

I’ve always found fishing quite boring – hot take, I know – but one Thai entrepreneur in Chon Buri recently came up with an intriguing way of spicing up the experience and thus getting a leg up on the competition. The mysterious person or outfit behind the controversial endeavor advertised on social media with a series of lewd photos showing two men apparently fishing on a boat next to two completely naked women posing for the camera with their legs spread open. That’s one way to get people’s attention…

Photo: Chaiwat Inanong/Facebook

“Squid fishing + sucking milk + enjoying seashells for four hours. Only 3,000 baht per person. It includes sashimi and beverages,” the online ad for the unique fishing experience read. “Get more for tonight. See you at 19.00 Bang Saray Beach.”

The controversial social media post featured a number of photos showing several nude women posing either alone on the boat or next to male fishermen.

Photo: Chaiwat Inanong/Facebook

As you can imagine, the bold marketing technique didn’t sit well with the people of Chon Buri, many of whom accused the people behind the promotion of tarnishing the reputation of the tourist spot and affecting legitimate businesses.

Go fishing, but you won’t get any fish or squid. Why is your business so creative? I don’t know who you are but stop doing this kind of business in my hometown,” Chaiwat ‘Tum’ Inanong, the former mayor of Bang Saray sub-district in Chon Buri, wrote on his Facebook page.

Photo: Chaiwat Inanong/Facebook

News of the unusual fishing trip offer quickly spread through social media, and it was eventually picked up by major news outlets as well. Local authorities started asking around about the people behind it and police were able to locate two of the women posing nude in the lewd photos.

The two women admitted to taking part in the unusual promotion but told police that no one had actually contacted them about taking part in the unique fishing experience. That’s sort of embarrassing, as they were really putting it all on the line…

Photo: Chaiwat Inanong/Facebook

According to the Thai Post, the women in the photos will most likely be accused of indecent exposure, among other things, and could even spend time behind bars.

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