Foot Model Sells Wine from Grapes Crushed with Her Bare Feet for $130 a Bottle

An English foot fetish model has launched a limited-edition wine made by crushing grapes with her feet and selling it to her adoring fans for £100 ($128) per bottle.

30-year-old Emilie Rae claims she was contacted by London-based winery Renegade Urban Winery about a collaborative wine project because of her expertise in ‘foot work’. The self-described ‘foot fetish icon’, who makes a living uploading photos and videos of herself standing in baked beans or squashing birthday cake in between her toes for people who are into that kind of stuff, made her Simp Wine by mastering the ancient technique of stomping on grapes. Although she is convinced her fans will gladly pay £100 for a taste of her ‘perfect feet’, she claimed the wine is worth it because she risked her life to make it.

Photo: Ira Pavlyukovich/Unsplash

“One little bit of my foot is in every bottle – and I think that’s what the foot fans will love,” Rae told the Scottish Daily Express. “In the process of actually trampling on the grapes, I nearly lost my life. Obviously, when the skins of the grapes break, they become really slippery, and it was in this half barrel that was lined with a bin bag. I was stomping away, trying to look sexy in this ballgown, and the next minute … I’m flying off to the side.”

Simp Wine is made with grapes from the Spanish region of Catalonia and from Lebanon and is being marketed as a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon with notes of black cherries, blackcurrant, and, of course, “perfect feet”. Emilie claims she chose to be involved in the unique project as a way to thank her fans, or ‘simps’, as they are sometimes called. They even inspired the name of the drink.


“It’s an enjoyable wine that a lot of love has gone into,” Emilie said. “It’s a cool, funky project, and if you want to be one of these people who wants to be part of a cool project, then grab a bottle, have a sip, unwind, and savor the flavor.”

Just in case you’re interested in this dubious-sounding concoction, the limited-edition Simp Wine is only available online, on its dedicated website.

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