Woman Arrested for Calling Police to Get Out of Date with Man She Had Met Online

An Iowa woman was recently arrested for falsely reporting the man she was supposed to go on a date with to the police just because she “got cold feet” and didn’t know how to tell him.

18-year-old Sumaya Thomas was supposed to go on a romantic date with a man she had met through an online dating app, but when her date showed up on her doorstep on June 16, the young woman reportedly “got cold feet” and decided she didn’t want anything to do with her online match. Instead of simply ignoring him, making up some sort of excuse to cancel their date, or flat out telling the guy that she didn’t want to go out with him anymore, Thomas picked up the phone and called 911, making up a ridiculous story about the man at her door being her abusive ex with whom she was 7 months pregnant and asking police to have him removed from her property.

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Foot Model Sells Wine from Grapes Crushed with Her Bare Feet for $130 a Bottle

An English foot fetish model has launched a limited-edition wine made by crushing grapes with her feet and selling it to her adoring fans for £100 ($128) per bottle.

30-year-old Emilie Rae claims she was contacted by London-based winery Renegade Urban Winery about a collaborative wine project because of her expertise in ‘foot work’. The self-described ‘foot fetish icon’, who makes a living uploading photos and videos of herself standing in baked beans or squashing birthday cake in between her toes for people who are into that kind of stuff, made her Simp Wine by mastering the ancient technique of stomping on grapes. Although she is convinced her fans will gladly pay £100 for a taste of her ‘perfect feet’, she claimed the wine is worth it because she risked her life to make it.

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Rare Medical Case Proves That Eyeball Bee Stings Are Unsurprisingly No Joke

In one of the world’s few medically documented cases, a Philadelphia man was stung by a bee directly in the eyeball and had to endure some serious consequences.

Most people dread the idea of getting stung by a bee anywhere on their bodies but imagine having one of those buzzers piercing your eyeball with its stinger as you’re casually strolling about. Unfortunately, that was the experience of a very unlucky 55-year-old Philadelphia man who reported to the emergency room with severely deteriorated vision and pain in his right eye after being stung by a bee in the eyeball two days prior. The patient told doctors that he had gone to the hospital immediately after getting stung, and doctors there had extracted the bee stinger and sent him on his way. Only it turned out that they hadn’t done that good of a job and a piece of the stinger remained embedded into the man’s eyeball.

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Woman Poisons Husband with Herbicide Because She Wanted to Be ‘Mean’ to Him

A Missouri woman is facing multiple charges for allegedly spiking her husband’s Mountain Dew with Round Up herbicide because he was unappreciative of the birthday party she had thrown for him.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” and one Missouri man learned that first-hand after incurring his wife’s wrath for not being appreciative enough of the 50th birthday party she organized for him. On June 24, the man, whose name has not been revealed for personal privacy reasons, notified the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office that he had reasons to believe his wife was trying to poison him. He had noticed that one of the bottles of Mountain Dew in the refrigerator had a bizarre taste, and after experiencing troubling symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting, he decided to check the surveillance system which showed his spouse tampering with his soda bottle and a container of Round Up weedkiller.

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Millionaire Sets Fire to His Own Home Just to Spite His Wife

British millionaire and pro golfer Francis McGuirk narrowly avoided jail time for reportedly setting fire to his family home just so his wife couldn’t have it following their breakup.

In a trial that recently ended and saw Francis McGuirk barely avoiding prison time, the 50-year-old golf pro was accused of setting fire to the £900,000 ($1.4 million) house in Sandwich, Kent last year, just to spite his life partner. On June 25 last year, knowing that there was no one home, the father-of-three entered the house he owned with his soon-to-be-ex-wife Sarah, locked himself inside, and snapped the keys inside the locks before texting his partner to let her know that he was about to set the place on fire. He proceeded to do just that, and it was only thanks to the neighbors calling emergency services that the house suffered only minor damage.

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‘Milipede River’ Spotted in Taiwan Will Make Your Skin Crawl

A slow-moving river of millipedes crawling on the ground in unison was recently spotted in a mountainous area of Taiwan and the video of it is enough to make your skin crawl.

On April 27th, tourists visiting Hsüeh-Pa National Park in central Taiwan witnessed an unusual phenomenon that local guides have never seen before. While accompanying a group of seven tourists through an area west of Dalu Forest Road, Yang Xiaozhong, a tour guide with an experience of 11 years, noticed that the path he knew seemed to be covered with fallen leaves. At first, he thought the brown leaves must have been brought to the ground by heavy rains but then he realized that the foliage was actually moving. On closer inspection, the leaves turned out to be millipedes, thousands of them moving in the same direction, like a living river.

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Woman Allegedly Brings Dead Man to Bank to Take Out a Loan

A 42-year-old Brazilian woman was recently arrested for allegedly bringing a dead man to a bank and trying to obtain a bank loan in his name.

On April 16, Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes arrived at an Itau Unibanco branch in Bangu, Rio de Janeiro to assist 68-year-old Paulo Roberto Braga in obtaining a bank loan of R$17,000 ($3,200). The elderly man was in a wheelchair and she claimed to be his niece and primary caretaker. Bank employees soon noticed that there was something seriously wrong with Braga, as his alleged niece had to support his head with her hand. He literally showed no signs of life, but Vieira Nunes allegedly kept telling the staff that he was just quiet by nature. She even tried speaking to him although it was obvious he wasn’t capable of answering.

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Doctors Remove Live Eel from Man’s Abdomen in Bizarre Medical Emergency

Vietnamese doctors recently saved a young man’s life by removing a live 30-cm-long eel from his abdomen, where it had caused intestinal perforations.

On March 20, a 34-year-old man was admitted to the Hai Ha District Medical Center in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam, with severe abdominal cramps. Since the patient was in too much pain to be questioned about his symptoms, the hospital staff conducted an X-ray and an ultrasound which revealed a foreign body in his abdomen, as well as intestinal perforation and peritonitis. Doctors decided that the best course of action was to conduct surgery, remove the suspicious object, and try to mitigate the damage to the man’s intestines. Upon opening up the patient’s abdomen, doctors were surprised to find that the foreign object was a 30 cm live eel.

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Man Digs 40-Meter-Deep Hole in His Kitchen After Dreaming He Would Strike Gold

A Brazilian man tragically lost his life by plunging down a deep shaft he had dug in his kitchen after dreaming that there was gold buried deep under his house.

71-year-old João Pimenta da Silva’s dream of enrichment ended as a nightmare that claimed his life. His lifeless body was found at the bottom of an exceptionally deep well he and his neighbors had dug under his kitchen in Ipatinga, a municipality in Brazil’s Minas Gerais state. The man had reportedly dreamt that there was gold deep under his home, and that all he had to do was dig to get to it. He even told his neighbor about his dream and even though he was laughed at in the beginning, da Silva was actually able to convince the man to assist him with the digging. Unfortunately, the treasure hunt ended in disaster when the 71-year-old plunged to his death while trying to exit the 40-meter-deep hole.

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Japanese Bar Offers Controversial Face Slapping Service

A Japanese izakaya bar has come under fire for offering patrons the rather controversial service of being slapped on their faces before having their meals served.

The Shachihoko-ya izakaya in Nagoya served its snacks with a hearty side of slaps delivered by its female staff. The bizarre service is said to have revitalized the establishment’s business, attracting an increasing number of patrons willing to try the painful experience. In the beginning, the face slapping was done by just one member of the izakaya staff, upon request, but as demand grew, management hired several girls willing to dish out some slaps and even started charging a fee of 100 yen (90 cents) per slap.

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Man Suffering from Headaches for 5 Months Discovers Chopsticks Stuck in His Skull

A Vietnamese man who had been suffering from severe headaches and even loss of vision over the last five months recently learned that he had a pair of chopsticks stuck in his skull.

The unnamed man was recently admitted to the Cuba Friendship Hospital in the city of Dong Hoi, Vietnam’s Quang Binh province, after complaining of constant headaches, vision loss, and fluid discharge from his nose. When asked, the man revealed no possible cause for these symptoms, but a CT scan showed a tension pneumocephalus, the intracranial equivalent of a pneumothorax, as well as two foreign objects protruding from his nose into his brain. Upon thorough examination, the objects were identified as broken chopsticks…

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‘Trans-Age’ Man Identifies as 28 Years Old Despite Being Born 39 Years Ago

A 39-year-old Japanese man has been described as ‘trans-age’ after reportedly identifying as 28 because it’s an age that better describes his still immature personality.

In the age of ‘self-identified diversity’ where anyone is free to identify as whatever they want, a Japanese man has come out as ‘trans-age’, meaning that he chooses to identify as 28 years old, despite having been born 39 years ago. The Kyoto-based man known only as Jackie appeared on the reality show ABEMA Prime where he explained that he didn’t feel comfortable as a 39-year-old man, so he decided to be 28 instead. Apparently, the trans-age man settled on this particular age, because it strikes a good balance between being an adult and still having a childish side without attracting the judgment of others.

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Sick, Lonely Man Is Begging Authorities to Let Him Into Prison

A 60-year-old Spanish man who claims to be desperately lonely and suffering from serious health problems has been trying to be let into a state prison, because he doesn’t want to commit any crimes.

Justo Márquez, a 60-year-old from Granada, Spain, has been standing outside the Alhaurín de la Torre Prison in Malaga for days, hoping to be allowed inside. He has been photographed holding a sign that reads “I want to go to prison” and he told journalists that he has already met with the prison warden who has so far denied his voluntary incarceration. Márquez, who reportedly suffers from cancer, depression, anxiety, and heart problems, said that he is desperate to “stop being lonely 24 hours a day,” and that prison is his best option to do that.

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The Bizarre Case of a Teenager Who Was Killed by a Hickey on His Neck

A 17-year-old Mexican teenager died because of a brain embolism allegedly caused by the hickey his older girlfriend left on his neck during a date.

There is a viral video going around Latino TikTok these days about the tragic story of Julio Macías González, a 17-year-old teenager from Iztapalapa, Mexico, who died in 2016 because of a hickey. In the viral video, which has been doing the rounds online for about a week, an AI avatar of young Julio tells the tale of how he died after collapsing during dinner at his parents’ house. On August 25, 2016, while making out with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Julio got a hickey on his neck, but he didn’t think anything of it. After all, young lovers give themselves hickeys all the time, and they’re considered virtually harmless. But what the teen boy didn’t know was that in very rare cases, they can apparently be deadly…

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Japanese Cafe Fires Waitress for Mixing Her Own Blood in Cocktails

A young Japanese waitress has been accused of ‘borderline terrorism’ by her employers after it was discovered that she mixed her own blood into a patron’s cocktail.

The Mondaiji Con Cafe Daku (Problem Child Dark Cafe) in Sapporo, Japan opened its doors for the first time on March 3rd. It hoped to attract patrons willing to pay 2,500 yen (S$25) an hour to drink all they wanted by hiring ‘mentally unstable’ and ‘problematic’ girls dressed in dark, goth-style attires as waitresses. That idea backfired when one of the waitresses took her role a little too far by adding her blood into a cocktail, reportedly at the request of a customer. The cafe fired the young woman as soon as its management learned about the incident, and apologized to its clientele, describing the dangerous actions of the former employee as ‘borderline terrorism’.

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