Football Teams in Spain Are Installing TV-Urinals in Their Stadium Bathrooms, But Not for the Obvious Reason

Real Madrid, one of the world’s most popular football clubs is currently testing TV urinals in the men’s bathrooms of their stadium, Sandiago Bernabeu, and it’s not the only one.

One would think that the management of the Spanish club is trying to make it easy for fans to follow the action on the field even when going to the bathroom, but according to several news reports, the screens installed in the urinals have nothing to do with football and everything to do with generating revenue. Apparently, the footage played on these screens will focus mainly on advertising, instead of showing the live game on the pitch, and there’s a good reason for that – it’s much more profitable.

These TV urinals were created by a Swiss company named Swiss Invent, and have already been installed in the VIP toilets of another stadium in Spain, Butarque. The company convinced football club CD Leganes to install the 3,000-euro urinals in their bathrooms after presenting scientific evidence showing that these screens command the full attention of the user for an average of 30 seconds, which in advertising is about the good as it gets.

Swiss Invent reportedly studied the matter and found that while peeing, men spend an average of 30 seconds staring down and not focusing on anything else. This seemingly small window of time is apparently very valuable if you can find a way to capture the attention of the urinal user, and these screens do just that.


The 30 seconds that men spend urinating (on average) are only enough for two or three short commercials played on the urinal screens, but because research shows that there are no distraction to prevent the user from focusing their attention on them, the effect on the potential buyers is significant.

These smart TV urinals come with the added bonus of allowing almost 100% water saving, but it’s the ad revenue that has caught the eye of several football clubs in Spain. After Leganes and Real Madrid, Betis Sevilla has also showed interest in this technology.

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