German Company Creates the World’s First Vegan Wooden Sneakers

German sneaker company nat-2 has recently unveiled the world’s first vegan wooden sneakers which are up to 90% real sustainable wood.

Just last week, we wrote about Piñatex – a new material made from pineapple leaves that is all set to become a sustainable alternative to animal leather – and today we present yet another interesting innovation, wooden footwear. According to a press release by German high-end sneaker brand nat-2, to make it flexible “the wood is applied to an organic cotton and vector engraved in a way that the material bends and becomes soft and flexible like a fine nappa leather. The feel is very smooth and fine, while you can smell the wood and see the tree’s natural texture.”


The types of wood used to create the several styles of wooden sneakers are ash, birch, maple, tulip tree, walnut, cherry, elm and beech. The wood is sourced exclusively from ethically managed forests and is processed in a new high-tech facility in Italy.


nat-2 advertises its revolutionary wooden sneakers as “vegan” because the contain no animal-sourced materials. The glue is free from animal ingredients and the outsoles are made from real rubber.


The new line of unisex wooden sneakers comprises four different low top and high top models in various colors and wooden tones. They are expected to go on sale in Germany soon, and depending on their success, will probably hit foreign markets in the future.

Photos: nat-2/Facebook

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