German DJs Grow Boobs for 24 Hours to Experience Life as Women

In an attempt to understand what women go through every day, a couple of German radio DJs recently had their chests injected with a saline solution to emulate female breasts. John and Rasheed, who are actually well-know in Berlin for their strange experiments, underwent a one-hour procedure with cosmetic surgeon Mark Wolter to get temporary boobs for 24 hours.

“Mom, I’m sorry,” said Rasheed, just before he and his colleague were strapped down for the procedure. John had brought along his wife and her bikini for support.


So what exactly are fake boobs and how do you grow them? Well, it’s quite simple actually – just inject saline solution until the area swells up. The duo had 700 ml pumped into the pectoral area to achieve the desired C-cup breast size. The fake boobs were initially hard as stone, but as the doctor promised, they began to feel quite real just an hour later.


The first thing John and Rasheed did after the procedure was to pull on bras and post their pictures online. Then they hit the gym to run and work out with a jump rope. Before long, they started to feel really uncomfortable. “Bras are torture and every woman should get a medal for wearing this monster,” they asserted. They also understood how crazy it was to have people staring at their breasts all the time. “I feel small,” said John.

Thankfully, the change was a temporary one. As the doctor promised, the swelling from the saline came down within 24 hours and was completely gone after 48 hours. The bizarre experiment did involve a few dangers like bruising and inflammation, but the duo managed to come out of it unscathed.

Photos: Jam FM/Facebook

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