Glow in the Dark Sushi – America’s Latest Food Craze

According to the law of cartoons, eating a Glow Worm would instantly cause your tummy to start glowing too. Now you can go test this theory in real life with glow in the dark sushi, although, the only thing that’s likely to glow are the bits of food stuck between your teeth.

It’s the latest food craze all over the US, but in case you haven’t heard of it already, Glofish is a brand of genetically modified fish designed to glow in the dark. These fluorescent fish are available for purchase in pet shops. But I suppose people weren’t content with just watching the glofish swim about, so they decided to try them out in recipes. And that’s how glow in the dark sushi was invented. Videos demonstrating the recipe have become a huge hit on the internet.

The GM glofish were originally invented not for home décor purposes, but for environmental reasons. The fish were meant to glow when rivers become contaminated, thus acting as an indicator for pollutants. But when the first fish that glowed constantly was perfected, it became the rage and was made accessible to the public. Glofish are now available in five interesting colors – Electric Green, Starfire Red, Cosmic Blue, Sunburst Orange and Galactic Purple.

Apart from sushi, the glofish are also used in other food preparations like glowing pizzas (served in the dark), kryptonite rolls, stop and glow nigirizushi and ‘not in California’ rolls. The last dish gets its name from the fact that GM fish are banned in California, so dishes made from them are illegal in the state. If you’re into bizarre foods and the thought of eating glowing sushi excites you, wait till you hear this. There’s currently a team working on recipes made from glowing mice as well. Eww!


via Advanced Aquarist

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