Groom Plays Video of Bride Cheating with Her Brother-in-Law During Their Wedding Reception

Videos of a Chinese groom humiliating his bride by playing an X-rated video of her cheating with another man to their wedding guests have been circulating on Chinese social media, sparking a heated debate.

The unverified footage, believed to have been recorded by guests at a wedding in Fujian province, comprises three videos – one of the two newlyweds walking down the aisle, and two explicit clips showing the bride and her brother-in-law. In the first video, as the newlyweds walk down the aisle, an MC can be heard saying “now we are going to show you the videos of how the newlyweds grew up”, but instead a sex video featuring his bride and another man is projected onto the screen behind them… “You thought I didn’t know?” the man asks his bride, who throws her bouquet at her, as both their families try to separate them. The other two clips show the young woman sleeping with her sister’s husband.

According to Apple Daily, the couple had been together for two years and had decided to get married six months ago. The Hong-Kong-based news outlet also reported that the scorned groom learned of his fiancee infidelity after installing a secret surveillance camera in their new house. To make matters worse, the bride’s sister, whose husband she had cheated with, was allegedly six months pregnant.

Prominent Chinese entertainment blogger Jiang Zhe Hu Ba Jie painted a very different picture than Apple Daily, however, posting that the bride only started cheating after her fiancee became violent, thus suggesting she was the victim of domestic abuse. Jiang added that the woman admitted the affair with her brother-in-law, to whom she allegedly became very close during his attempts to mediate the couple’s abuse problems.


The humiliated woman reportedly asked her former partner to withdraw all the X-rated videos from the internet, but while the original ones posted on Weibo have indeed disappeared, there are plenty of copies still circulating on WeChat and Twitter.

The videos have sparked a heated debate on Chinese social media, with some claiming that the woman got what she deserved for being unfaithful, while others accused the groom of being cold-hearted for humiliating his partner of two years in public, on her wedding day. Some even claimed the videos were part of a viral marketing stunt designed to bring traffic and attention to a certain streaming platform, but failed to bring any conclusive evidence of that.

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