Guy Celebrates His Toddler Son with Massive Face Tattoo

A young father from Texas is making headlines for getting a tattoo of his son’s face, on the left side of his face! 20-year-old Christien Sechrist said that the inking was a way of paying tribute to his toddler son, whom he had almost lost. And in spite of all the negative comments, he says he doesn’t regret it and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Christien’s picture first appeared on Imgur last week, from where it was picked up by the media. It shows the tattoo, featuring a black-and-grey portrait of his son Perseus, taking up almost the entire left side of his face. According to news reports, he got the tattoo done last July, after he had almost lost his son.

Not everyone is happy with his decision of getting the tattoo, though. He had posted a message on Facebook shortly after getting inked, thanking the artist: “Thanks Cody Gibbs for doing awesome work on me. Looks just like my son.” Within minutes, he started to receive negative comments from friends.


His friend Ashlee Nicole first asked if the picture was a joke. When he confirmed that it was real, she replied: “Why on your f****** face?! How are you ever going to get a real f***** job to support your son with a tattoo on your face?”

“It’s not funny!” she added. “I’m going to make you come live with [me] so you don’t do stupid sh** like this. Although it is a nice tat, you should have put it somewhere else.”


Christien apparently defended himself by calling it a ‘beautiful tattoo of a beautiful face on top of another beautiful face’. But another friend, David Overbey, pointed out that Christien would eventually regret his decision. “I give it three years before the regret starts rolling in,” he said. “I’m not judging though. I think it’s great work. But society frowns upon face tattoos.”

To which Christien replied, “Well my son looked at it and smiled so that’s all I care about.”


Although the tattoo was the ultimate expression of love for Christien, lots of commenters felt that there are better ways to show how much you love someone. “You don’t need a portrait of your child on your face to convince your love for him. It takes more than that,” wrote Derek Farmer.

It has been about nine months since Christien got the tattoo, and he hasn’t regretted it yet. The trainee electrician mentioned that people tend to overreact, and that the ink on his face hasn’t hindered his ability to find work. And this isn’t the only tattoo on his face – he’s also got a large rose and skull piece on the other side of his face.

Photos: Facebook

Source: Elite Daily

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