Harry Potter Themed Coffee Shop Opens in Nevada

It’s been nine years since the last Harry Potter book and five years since the last movie, but Potter mania is still as strong as ever. The instant popularity of a new Harry Potter-themed cafe in Henderson, Nevada is proof of that. When ‘Bad Owl’ first opened its doors on February 13, hundreds of muggles were already waiting to get in, and it has since then been receiving worldwide attention for its delightfully rich Potter-themed decor and menu.

“There was a line outside even before they opened,” said Harry Potter fan Shelby, speaking to Mugglenet.com. “They were opening late because they were on the local news this morning. We waited in line for about an hour to order. The ambience was perfect with a thick velvet curtain darkening the room and little Harry Potter details everywhere.”


With the walls decorated with the iconic ‘Platform 9¾’ sign, tables laid with all sorts of Potter references including the golden snitch, and a menu filled with items such as butterbeer lattes, Bad Owl is undoubtedly every Potterhead’s dream come true. The wifi is named Hedwig after Harry’s snowy white owl, and there’s also a special table designated for Severus Snape, honoring the character’s courage and heroism as revealed in the final book.


“I ordered a Butter Brew Latte and an almond croissant,” Shelby added. “Both were delicious!! The baristas were super friendly, and our order was finished quickly.”


The 1,400-square-foot cafe, located at the Eastern Commons Retail Center, also caters to customers who aren’t interested in the Harry Potter series. The menu features regular food and drink options like bear claws, croissants, New York-style cheesecake, and macarons in a variety of flavors. Beverages include espressos, americanos, affogatos, and also the Kyoto, a “traditional Japanese iced coffee, brewed for over 16 hours.”


In the future, Bad Owl plans to introduce wine, craft beer, and heartier lunch options to the menu, along with live entertainment to keep their customers engaged.


Photos: Bad Owl Coffee/Yelp

Sources: Mugglenet, Eater