Indian ‘Spider Boy’ Effortlessly Scales Walls Without Any Equipment

A 7-year-old boy from India’s Uttar Pradesh state has been dubbed ‘Spider Boy’ for his ability to effortlessly scale 10ft walls using nothing but his bare hands and feet.

Yasharth Singh Gaur, a class three student from the Indian city of Kanpur, was inspired by Marvel’s popular Spider-Man to try and scale the walls of his home. It seemed impossible at first, but he kept at it and before long he was able to climb the corners of his room with only his hands and feet. His brother started telling people about Yasharth’s special ability and word about the real-life Spider man started spreading around the city.

Photo: video screengrab

“I once watched a Spider-Man movie and I really wanted to be able to climb walls just like him,” the 7-year-old told Caters News. “I started trying but the first time I did, I fell down. I kept practicing and eventually one day I could climb. I called my brother who called my parents. Everyone was shocked but they asked me to not climb again otherwise I could fall and get hurt but I convinced them that I can climb.”

Ever since word of Spider Boy’s climbing skills spread around the neighborhood, locals started dropping by his house just to watch him scale the walls. He braces himself between two walls, in the corner of his room, then uses his bare feet to climb up, all the way to the ceiling. He is even able to free up his hands, using only his feet for support.


Yasharth’s parents say that they are afraid he’ll fall and injure himself, but at the same time they are enthralled by his ability. “I look forward and not downwards. And if I ever feel like falling, I take the plunge carefully so to not hurt myself,” the boy reassured them.