Indianapolis Pizza Shop Offering Patrons a Free XL Pizza in Exchange for a Gun Off the Streets

After making some of the most delicious pizza on the east side if Indianapolis for the last three decades, the owner of D & C Pizza has come up with anew recipe that he hopes will take guns off the streets and reduce the high crime rate.

Donald Dancy wants to offer a free extra-large pizza to anyone who turns in a gun at his shop. It may seem like a strange tradeoff since pizza is relatively cheap while guns sell for hundreds of dollars on the street, but the pizza shop owner says he has lots of customers who carry illegal guns and would be more than glad to take advantage of the unusual promotion. His plan is to hold the guns in a safe place until police officers arrive to pick them up.

“I can see kids 14 through 18 coming in here and buying a pizza and their guns fall out,” Dancy said. “When you pass here right off of 36th and go all the way down to 25th street and over, it is like a war zone. It is not getting any better.”


He’s not exaggerating one bit. Last year, Indianapolis was ranked the 10th most dangerous city in the United States, and its murder rate was at an all-time high. In 2015, it had 16.9 murders for every 100,000 residents.

“Every one of these crimes, mainly with these kids, I said ‘If I could reach them with a pizza, I could save a life,” Dancy told The Indy Channel. “I’ve got that in my heart, in my mind, that I could do it.” There’s no question that his intentions are good, but Donald still has to work out the details of his plan.

Although he has already started passing out his Guns-for-Pizza deal coupons, the pizza shop owner still has to get approval from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and the city’s prosecutor’s office. It seems unlikely that they’ll all approve of his unconventional plan to fight gun violence, but if they do, Dancy says he’ll start taking in any gun, at any time, no questions asked.

Dancy, who has been on the other side of the law and has even spent seven years in prison, has inspired other members of the community to do their part. A number of local businesses and churches have expressed interest in following D & C Pizza’s example, but they all know that ridding the streets of guns will not be easy.