India’s “Blindfolded Wonder Boy” Can Allegedly See with His Mind After Years of Brain Training

Scientific evidence shows that when a person loses their sense of sight, the other four senses are enhanced, allowing them to be more aware of their surroundings even if they can’t see them. 17-year-old Jeet Trivedi is not blind, but he claims that he doesn’t need his eyes to perform tasks like driving, reading or even passing thread through a needle, after training his other senses to a superhuman level.

Jeet Trivedi is a controversial figure in India. There are those who see him as a real-life Daredevil, who can function as a normal human being without using his eyes, while others consider him and his mind training teacher, Bharat Patel, as frauds trying to make money by using deceitful tricks. To be honest, it’s hard to believe that someone could drive a gearless scooter for 40 km, on the world’s highest motorable road, while blindfolded, but Jeet allegedly did just that, in September of last year. How? Bharat Patel explains:

“He has very good control over his senses. If we bypass one of his senses, he can perform tasks using the others,” he told Yeh Mera India. “Midbrain Activation is also known as super-sensory development. It enables developing all our senses to an unimaginable extent. It’s sort of scientific training that entails ‘Brain Gym’, which is taught physically, but mainly it’s about the audio practice that stimulates the mind using the frequencies that come through the sound of music.”

That doesn’t make much sense, but it’s apparently what Jeet Trivedi had to master over several years, in order to perform all kinds of impressive tasks while blindfolded. What kind of tasks, you ask? Well, I think it would be easier to list the things Jeet can’t do blindfolded, because he can pretty much do anything. He can ride a scooter, read books, catch objects thrown at him, find hidden objects, pass a thread through a needle or play chess with three people simultaneously and beat them all.

Asked how he could ride a scooter without using his eyes, the 17-year-old said: “I use my ability to smell, to visualize the approaching obstacle. I calculate what the obstacle could be, and what would take me out of that situation. And I overcome the obstacle.” Bet you didn’t know you could visualize obstacles with your sense of smell. That’s because you are not trained in Midbrain Activation.

But if you’re not yet impressed with the feats India’s Blindfolded Wonder Boy is capable of, you should know that he can apparently use his mind for more than just blindfolded tricks. He can channel his mind energy into objects and make them behave abnormally. For example, in a YouTube video I found, Jeet Trivedi focuses on a common light bulb before dropping it on a wall tile. Instead of the bulb shattering, the tile breaks and the glass bulb remains intact. Talk about superhuman abilities, right?


But you know what the most amazing thing about this Midbrain Activation technique is? Anyone can do it!

“The training that I’ve provided to Jeet, can be taken up by any child in this society,” Mr. Bharat Patel said. “It’s important for them to be patient, they need to be persistent, and the parenting should be positive.”


All Jeet has to do now is take up martial arts, and he can become India’s real-life Daredevil. Bad guys don’t stand a chance.