Indonesia’s ‘Playboy King’ Has Been Married 87 Times to 46 Different Women

A 61-year-old farmer from Indonesia has been dubbed the country’s ‘Playboy King’ after it was revealed that he plans to marry for the 88th time.

Kaan is a rice farmer from West Java, in Indonesia, with a very interesting story. He claims to have been married a total of 87 times during his lifetime and that he is getting ready for his 88th wedding, with one of his ex-wives. The Playboy King, as Indonesian news media dubbed Kaan, rose to fame after telling his story to a YouTuber whose video quickly went viral, attracting the attention of several news outlets who tracked the man down and visited his home in Cipeundeuy Village. Although he originally refused to give any more interviews, the constant visits of news reporters eventually changed his mind.

The Indonesian man claims that he first got married at age 14 to a girl two years older than him. Their marriage only lasted 2 years, but that didn’t deter him from finding a new wife, and then another, and so on. Asked why he kept marrying every new woman he liked, Kaan said that it was because he respected them and didn’t want them to feel like simple flings. So even though the relationship only lasted a month or even a week, he always married them beforehand.

“My reason is that I also didn’t want to play with women’s feelings, let alone other people’s children,” Kaan said. “Rather than committing immorality, it is better that I get married.”


Of the 87 marriages, only 40 were registered with the Office of Religious Affairs, while the others were sealed with traditional weddings. Also, he didn’t get a divorce every time he remarried. Because some of the 46 women he wed didn’t want to give him a divorce, he simply remarried anyway, so at some points in his life, he had 2 or more wives at the same time.

Kaan’s longest marriage lasted 14 years, but many of his other marriages were much shorter, some just a month or two, and one just a week.


The Indonesian farmer was married 87 times, but to only 46 women, because some of them he married three or four times. In fact, his next wedding, the 88th, will be to his ex-wife from his 86th marriage. Apparently, the woman couldn’t get over him and he just couldn’t say no to her advances either.

“Although it’s been a long time since we separated, the love between us is still strong,” Kaan said, adding that their previous marriage lasted only 4 months.

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