Japanese Cafe Fires Waitress for Mixing Her Own Blood in Cocktails

A young Japanese waitress has been accused of ‘borderline terrorism’ by her employers after it was discovered that she mixed her own blood into a patron’s cocktail.

The Mondaiji Con Cafe Daku (Problem Child Dark Cafe) in Sapporo, Japan opened its doors for the first time on March 3rd. It hoped to attract patrons willing to pay 2,500 yen (S$25) an hour to drink all they wanted by hiring ‘mentally unstable’ and ‘problematic’ girls dressed in dark, goth-style attires as waitresses. That idea backfired when one of the waitresses took her role a little too far by adding her blood into a cocktail, reportedly at the request of a customer. The cafe fired the young woman as soon as its management learned about the incident, and apologized to its clientele, describing the dangerous actions of the former employee as ‘borderline terrorism’.

Photo: Thomas Franke/Unsplash

Drinking the blood of other people is an extremely dangerous act,” Dr Zento Kitao told Japanese magazine Flash, advising both the waitress and the patron who reportedly asked for her blood to get blood-tested.

“Cases of people getting infected from drinking another person’s blood are rare, but major diseases can be transmitted through blood, including HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and syphilis. If there are wounds in the mouth, it is easy to be infected by blood transmissions,” Kitao added.

The cafe said that the waitress’ actions were absolutely not acceptable and announced that it was shutting down for a day to replace all the drinking glasses on the premises.

Online reactions to the news were mixed, with some blaming the cafe for advertising its staff as mentally unstable and then firing them for acting like it, and others joking that employees should be praised for pouring their blood sweat and tears into their work, especially when they do it literally.

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