Korean Model Wearing a Cardboard Box with Holes for Groping Charge with Obscene Exposure

A South Korean model who became known as the “Angel Box Girl” for walking around in a cardboard box and letting strangers grope her is being prosecuted for obscene exposure.

A few months ago, Ain, a self-proclaimed attention-seeking South Korean model, went viral for a risqué stunt that made international headlines. Videos of the young woman wearing only a cardboard box with four holes for her arms and legs, and two more for groping went viral, making Ain one of the most popular topics on social media. the young woman paraded herself on the streets of Hongdae, a vibrant nightlife district of Seoul, asking random people to put their hands through the holes in the “Angel Box” and grope her naked or scantly clothed body. As word of the Angel Box Girl spread through the streets, she ended up attracting large groups of curious people that the police had to disperse.

Having gotten a taste of fame, Ain repeated her Angel Box routine in October as well, this time in Apgujeong, a posh neighborhood in Gangnam. Videos and photos shared on social media show the model guiding random people’s hands through the holes in her cardboard box, so they could grope her breasts and other body parts. It was worth it in terms of attention, as the stunts made Ain an overnight sensation in South Korea, but they also got her in trouble with the law.

The young model’s behavior was criticized as obscene, and some people went as far as to file complaints with the police. Ain was recently charged with obscene exposure, but she is contesting the charges.

“It’s freedom of expression. … I don’t think I should be charged for indecent exposure. How can I be accused of making an obscene performance if (people) weren’t able to see (my body parts)?” Ain asked rhetorically. “I don’t have fake breasts. I didn’t get breast surgery. (My cardboard box performance) is not a viral marketing stunt, I just wanted to market myself.”

“I thought it was a fun idea as I believed it is illogical to punish women for not wearing clothes while it wasn’t the case for men when they go shirtless,” Ain told the Korea Joong Ang Daily. “I actually saw many positive reactions, with people telling me they support me and applaud my courage.”


Under South Korea’s Punishment of Minor Offenses Act. a person can be charged with obscene exposure if they embarrass or offend others by ‘excessively exposing’ their naked body or exposing body parts that ought to be hidden. Under the Criminal Code, a person who publicly commits an obscene act faces a fine of up to 5 million won ($3,800), or up to a year in jail.

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