Male Inmate Escapes Prison Disguised as a Woman

A dangerous Venezuelan criminal recently managed to escape prison by disguising himself as a woman and simply walking out at the end of visiting hours.

Manuel Lorenzo Ávila Alvarado, a 25-year-old man imprisoned for homicide and aggravated robbery managed to escape El Libertador Prison in Tocuyito, Venezuela’s Carabobo state on March 13, following a conjugal visit. According to local newspaper El Carabobeño, the incident occurred around 2:00 in the afternoon, at the end of visiting hours. Despite having a dark skin tone, Alvarado managed to trick several prison guards that he was a blond woman by putting on a wig and female clothes, most likely brought in by his girlfriend.

Prison security cameras captured the moment when the inmate, dressed as a lady, casually walked out of the heavily guarded facility by mingling with a group of actual women at the end of visiting hours. It’s unclear how the guards could have been fooled so easily, which is why four of them are currently being investigated in relation to this incident.

Ávila had recently been transferred to the Tocuyito prison from another correctional facility in the state but managed an impressive escape with the alleged help of his girlfriend who is also wanted as an accomplice. Despite the best efforts of Venezuelan police, both Manuel Lorenzo Ávila Alvarado and his girlfriend remain at large.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a male inmate uses a female disguise to break out of prison. A couple of years ago, a Paraguayan man nicknamed ‘Gordito Lindo’ pulled the same stunt, putting on a black wig, makeup, and women’s clothes, and walking out the front door of the prison. His freedom was short-lived, though, as authorities managed to apprehend him in a couple of hours.

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