Male Rapunzel with 62-Feet-Long Hair Eyes Guinness Record

Seen from a far, Savjibhai Rathwa looks like he is carrying a long black rope wrapped around his right arm, but that is actually a thick dreadlock made from his still-growing 19-meter-long hair.

The 60-year-old man from Vadorara, India’s Gujarat state, has been growing his hair for decades, always treating it with great care. He spends three hours washing it every two days and dries it by walking around his farm and having his grandchildren spread out his locks while he smokes his water pipe in the shade of a tree.

To keep his hair strong and healthy, Rathwa relies on a vegetarian home-cooked diet and tries to avoid spicy food as much as possible. “When out on work, I survive on fruits only. I never ever take outside food,” Savjibhai Rathwa said. If he gets hungry, he simply eats a banana.


Photo: Newsflare video caption

In a video doing the rounds online, Savjibhai Rathwa can be seen showing off his impressive locks, wrapping his hair around his arm, his body, making a turban out of it and even threading it through the roof of his house.

According to Newsflare News, Rathwa’s 62-foot hair is twice as long as that of a Chinese man thought have the longest hair in the world, and even longer than Tran Van Hai‘s 22-foot-long locks. The Vietnamese man, once known as the man with the world’s longest hair, died in 2010, at the age of 79.


Photo: Newsflare video caption

As for Rathwa, he has always brushed off suggestions to apply for a Guinness World Record, until now. Something appears to have changed recently, though, as he told reporters that “I intend to apply for it, if someone call help me with the proceedings.” A local non-profit  has agreed to help him with all the documentation required for the application.