Man Casually Leaves Jail by Impersonating Sleeping Cellmate Due for Release

A bold inmate managed to nonchalantly walk out of the Southwest Washington jail on Monday by impersonating another man who was due for release that day.

Brian Francisco Roman was in jail on a drug possession charge, but when he woke up Monday morning and heard a guard calling the name of a cellmate due for release that day, he saw an opportunity to regain his freedom. Since he and his sleeping cellmate looked similar, he decided impersonating him was worth a shot, and his bet paid off. Not only was Roman escorted out of the cell, but he was given his unnamed cellmate’s things, including his clothes, keys, and wallet, before being released. Guards only realized what had happened when the man due to be released woke up and started asking when he was going home.

Photo: Grant Durr/Unsplash

“During the release process, Roman received property belonging to the other inmate and signed paperwork by forging that inmate’s name,”  the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office announced in a statement. “Among the property turned over to Roman was the victim inmate’s clothing, keys, and wallet, which contained identification and a debit card.”

Photos of Brian Francisco Roman were shared with the public on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page. the post mentioned that jail staff claimed both Roman and the inmate he impersonated have similar physiques. However, it is not clear if the impersonated man is suspected of aiding his cellmate’s escape.

An arrest warrant was issued for Roman, and by Wednesday he had been recaptured, although the Cowlitz County didn’t provide any details on where and when exactly he was found. The 26-year-old man is now facing several additional charges, including second-degree escape, first-degree criminal impersonation, forgery, and both second and third-degree theft.


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