Man Claims to Have Lost 20 Pounds in 30 Days Playing Video Games

A viral Facebook post by a regular kid from the Philippines may prove to be one of the most effective marketing pushes for Nintendo’s new RingFit Adventure, a video games designed to get players moving rather than sit for hours.

Migui Gabriel, a young graphic artist from Pasig City, in the Philippines, recently took to Facebook to praise Nintendo’s RingFit Adventure video game for helping him lose about 9 kilograms (20 pounds) in 30 days. On January 4, he posted a short message, as well as before-and-after photos of himself, to show everyone that the transformation was in fact real. And all he allegedly had to do was play Nintendo’s  exercising action-RPG game for 25 minutes every day, although he admits cutting down on carbs and not eating after 7 pm probably helped too. Still, he says the game was key, as this wasn’t his first attempt at losing weight.

Photo: Nintendo

Gabriel, who hoes by Migui Minaj on Facebook, told Gaming PH that he had been overweight for a few years, and that he had previously tried losing the extra pounds by doing physical exercises like riding his bicycle to work, and even tried another motion-detection video game from Nintendo, but nothing worked. Then he saw an ad for the new RingFit Adventure exercising video game, which is played with two special accessories (Ring-Con and Leg Strap), and decided it was worth a try.

“I figured that RingFit Adventure might be a better motivator than the game mentioned earlier. True enough, it did work!” Migui said in an interview.


“30 days of RingFit Adventure! From overweight to normal weight,” Migui Gabriel wrote on Facebook. “This Nintendo RingFit is very effective especially with proper diet. I just played it for 25 minutes a day and it was so much fun. Onward to more victories this 2020!”

Asked how much he weighed before his 30-day gaming endeavor, Migui Minaj said that he weighed 78 kilograms when he started, and he is now around 69 kilograms, which is withing the ideal BMI limits for a guy his height (5′ 6″).


“It’s pricey but I think it’s a good deal!” Migui told his friends. “The whole adventure could last for 3 months or so. Super fun to play, it feels like playing a RPG hahaha.”

So if you’re bored with regular exercising, maybe gaming is the way to go.