Man Gets Arrested After Calling Police 2,000 Times in 9 Days to Harass and Insult Them

An elderly Japanese man was recently arrested after calling a police precinct 2,060 times in nine days to yell at the staff there and call them “tax thieves” and “big stupid a-holes”.

Between September 30th and October 8th, the 67-year-old man from Saitama Prefecture called the Prefectural Police Headquarters a total of 2060 times to yell at the staff there and tell them that they should all be fired. That’s an average of one call for every six minutes and a total talk time of around 27 hours over the nine-day interval. Eventually, police raided the man’s house and arrested him on the ground of obstructing police business. He admitted to the charges and said: “I knew the police would come for me someday”.

Photo: Nordwood Themes/Unsplash

An investigation into this bizarre case is ongoing, but because the 67-year-old Japanese man, whose name has not been revealed, doesn’t seem too eager to collaborate with police, we may never know what possessed him to call the precinct more than 2,000 times in nine days.

Interestingly, according to the man’s phone records, he had been calling the police for years but had only recently ramped up his operation, for some mysterious reason.

Although interfering with police business and taking up resources that may be needed to save lives are serious issues, many people online declared themselves in awe of the man’s consistency and dedication to his bizarre mission.

via SoraNews24

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