Man Goes Under the Needle for 24 Hours to Have Giant Portrait of His Fiancee Tattooed on His Back

Men usually show off their affection to their better halves by buying them flowers, complimenting them or showering them with gifts, but one Vietnamese man decided to show off his love for his fiancee in a rather unusual way – by tattoing a large portrait of her on his back.

22-year-old Truong Van Lam allegedly spent nearly 24 hours having his girlfriend’s portrait inked on his back, in three separate sessions. The first one, which lasted eight hours, was in November of last year, and sine then he went under the needle two more times, one for over six hours, and the other nine hours. The result is a permanent portrait of his 20-year-old girlfriend, Luong Kha Tran, a tattooed version of a photograph of her.

Upon seeing herself immortalized on her future husband’s back, Luong Kha Tran was shocked at first, but the surprise eventually turned to happiness. After all, this wasn’t Truong Van Lam’s first tattoo related to her. He also has her name and birth date tattooed on his chest, as well as two crowns with both their initials, on his wrists. Still, the portrait is on another level, at least in size.

The photo of Truong Van Lam’s new tattoo has been doing the rounds on Vietnamese social media, and the feedback has been mostly negative, with most people laughing at the 22-year-old, and saying he will regret it when he and his fiancee break up. He doesn’t seem fazed at all, though.

“Most of all, I did this because I love my wife very much and because I wanted to show her that I really want to be with her,” the young man said. “I have no regrets or second thoughts about this. Everyone has their own ways of expressing their feelings and thoughts, and as long as they do not affect other people, there’s no problem.”

The young couple plans to get married on May 2nd this year, when they celebrate three years together.