Man Marries Identical Triplets Who Didn’t Want to Get Separated

A Congolese man recently shocked the world by marrying three identical triplets who decided to share the same man in order to stay together, instead of becoming separated.

A 32-year-old Congolese man identified only as Luwizo recently married sisters Natasha, Natalie and Nadege, identical triplets, in a colorful wedding ceremony that made international headlines. After originally meeting Natalie on social media and becoming in love with her, Luwizo was reportedly deceived by her other two sisters into thinking that he was meeting his girlfriend. He allegedly couldn’t tell the identical triplets apart, and they eventually all fell in love with him. When they finally revealed that there were three of them and they all wanted to marry him, he just couldn’t refuse.

“At first, when we told him he had to marry all of us he was shocked. But because he had already fallen in love with all of us, nothing couldn’t stop our plans since we were also in love with him,” Natalie told AfriMax. “Even though people consider it impossible for three women to share one husband, but to us, sharing everything has been our life since childhood.”

Apparently, the triplets always thought that marriage would be the one thing to separate them, but after falling in love with Luwizo they realized that they could share him like they did everything else. And, despite being shocked at first, he didn’t protest to the idea of marrying all of them.


“I almost fainted,” Luwizo said. “I asked them amongst all of you, who is Natalie? They told me I had met all of them on different days I visited. I became confused as I had planned to marry Natalie but what confused me was that I couldn’t marry one of the girls and leave the two behind.”

Luwizo’s decision to become a polygamist didn’t sit too well with his family. His parents allegedly “despised” him for it, and didn’t even attend the wedding ceremony, and his sisters needed some time to process the thought, but she eventually supported his decision.


“At first when I heard he was marrying triplets I didn’t understand but later I understood it is possible,” Luwizo’s sister said. “Even though our parents despised him. I’ll always support him.”

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