Man Straps Cruise Missile to Car

People do a lot of crazy things to modify their cars to their liking. But very few could have gotten as crazy as Paul Stender, who actually strapped a cruise missile to the roof of his car.

The 44-year-old from Indianapolis, along with his wife Therese, 29, has converted a 1967 Chevrolet into a jet-powered car, with the simple addition of a cruise missile. He took the help of their team at Indy Boys Inc, who are known to create the most bizarre and fastest vehicles ever. The result? A car that’s barely ever crossed 100mph, can now easily touch 300mph. And that’s not all, the Jet-Impala 67 even fires out flames up to 30 ft behind it and leaves massive clouds of smoke in the air.

The car was fashioned after an urban legend that a hillbilly farmer had bolted a missile to his car and then crashed straight into a mountain. According to Mr. Stender, the Jet-Impala was created to have some fun, as a part of a comedy act at motorsport events. “We tell the audience we found the engine the day before and make it look like the missile is just tied onto the car with a bit of rope. It looks like it’s going to blow up at any minute,” he says. He even dresses up as a farmer to add to the effect.


All said and done, it is a bit scary to drive a car with a missile right above your head, and Mr. Stender agrees with that. “Sitting with a missile engine directly above your head with smoke and flames coming out of it, is pretty scary.”¬†We can’t say how good this car is for the environment, but audiences do seem to love it.

via Jalopnik

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