Man Vandalizes Drunk Son’s BMW to Prevent Him from Driving and Causing an Accident

In order to prevent his drunken son from getting behind the wheel of his BMW and possibly causing an accident, a Spanish man vandalized the vehicle, smashing the windows and denting its metallic body with a pickaxe.

A father’s love for his children is usually very strong but it can manifest in unusual ways. Take this story of a 60-year-old man from Logroño, Spain, who went to extreme lengths to make sure that his inebriated son doesn’t get behind the wheel of his black BMW and potentially cause a tragedy. Last week, local police received calls about a man vandalizing a vehicle parked on a public road in Logroño by smashing it with a pickaxe. A squad driving toward the reported location of the incident, noticed a white van fleeing the scene and managed to pull it over. Inside were an elderly man and a visibly drunk younger passenger.

While questioning the two suspects, police learned that they were father and son and that the elderly male was indeed responsible for vandalizing the BMW, which just happened to belong to his intoxicated 32-year-old son. The 60-year-old explained that he had tried to convince his child not to drive drunk, but to no avail. Fearing that he could cause a serious accident, he had no choice but to make sure he had no car to drive.

After a violent altercation with his son, the man reportedly grabbed a pickaxe and started smashing the windows of the BMW, puncturing the tires and even puncturing the metal body. After finishing the job, the pair got into the older man’s van and drove away when they heard the police car sirens.

“The events occurred in the early hours of last Sunday when, thanks to citizen participation, the agents were informed through the 092 emergency number that a man with a pickaxe was destroying a BMW brand vehicle that was parked in the street,” police sources said.

It’s unclear whether the two men suffered any consequences, considering the reason for the vandalization, but the Logroño police department tweeted the story and it immediately went viral.

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