Married Mother-of-Two Gambles Herself Away to Landlord

Gambling addiction is a real thing, and in extreme cases, it can create some truly bizarre situations, like people running out of money and gambling themselves away.

An Indian man recently filed a bizarre petition with police in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, claiming that his wife and mother of two children had gambled away all their financial savings as well as herself. Apparently, the woman was addicted to a game called Ludo and often played with her landlord while her husband was away working as a migrant. He would send her money regularly, but instead of saving it or buying things for the family, she gambled with the landlord until she lost it all. One day, she became so desperate that she put herself on the line, and, after losing, moved in with the landlord as per their agreement, abandoning the children.

Photo: VD Photography/Unsplash

The unidentified man told police that his wife, referred to only as ‘Renu’ by Indian media, lost all the money that he had sent her over the six months he spent working in Rajasthan’s Jaipur city, before upping the ante and losing herself to the landlord of the family’s rented house. She lost and called her husband to let him know what had happened and that she was moving in with the landlord, as per their bet.

Upon hearing the weird news that his wife was a gambling addict who had lost herself to their landlord, the man left his job in Jaipur and came home to take care of his two kids and file a complaint with the local police.

“We are trying to get in touch with the man [the landlord] and will start an investigation as soon as we contact him,” police official Subodh Gautam told India Today.

Photo: Saksham Gangwar/Unsplash

Apparently, police assistance may be necessary, as the husband claims that he contacted his wife after she moved in with the landlord and tried to convince her to return home, but she is apparently committed to honoring her bet.

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