Mom Gives Daughter Plastic Surgery Voucher for Her EIGHTH Birthday

“Turning eight is the new 18” – I seriously wonder how and where people get such ideas. But, apparently they do, and 51-year-old Sarah Burge is one of them. She thinks it’s perfectly normal to gift her 7-year-old daughter plastic surgery gift vouchers worth £8,000 ($12,700).

The vouchers are meant to be a present for the occasion of Poppy Burge’s 8th birthday. At an age when most girls expect to be given dolls or a new bike, a plastic surgery gift is absolutely bizarre. More so, since Poppy is so young that even her front two teeth are yet to come in. It’s no surprise that Sarah herself is a plastic surgery addict, having spent over £250,000 ($400,000) on altering her own appearance. So according to her, all she’s doing is giving her daughter a chance to be happy with her looks and grow up with confidence. “I’m investing in my child’s future. I’m giving Poppy the freedom to do what she wants,” says Sarah. “That’s what Poppy wants for her birthday.”

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Sarah is a former nurse who now runs a cosmetic surgery clinic of her own. She is known to host Botox parties quite regularly at her home, and is a successful business woman who just wants to “give Poppy the best.” So for those of you who think the £8,000 gift voucher is way over the top, wait till you hear the other things that are planned for the £25,000 ($40,000) birthday bash. On the day of the party, the birthday girl will be taken out on a procession in a horse and carriage through the neighborhood, while 100 guests wait for her at the Burge’s garden, decorated barn-dance style. Poppy, dressed in designer clothes and diamond-encrusted boots will then walk in on a pink carpet. After dancing, lunch and entertainment, there will be a fashion  show with Poppy as the judge and her friends posing as models. Party favors will include luxury chocolates, spray-tan vouchers and a signed photograph of Poppy and Sarah. Huh, so much for teaching kids not to be vain. It’s no wonder that the kid looks more like a little grown-up than an 8-year-old.

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This is not the first time Sarah has given her daughter a ‘beauty-related’ gift. For her last birthday Poppy received vouchers for a boob job, and for Christmas she got a gift card for liposuction. Burge has no plans to stop anytime soon. She says she will continue to shower gifts of a similar kind until Poppy has about £120,000 ($190,000) worth of beauty treatments in her name. Of course, none of these can be redeemed now, but will be put to good use when the girl is 18 years old. If you come to think of it, Sarah’s intentions aren’t actually very different from other parents who want to empower their children. It’s just that while ‘normal’ parents save money for their kid’s college fees, Sarah’s actually saving up for her daughter’s cosmetic surgery fees. Which is what many women who get a degree end up spending on anyway. So, is this really such a bad thing?


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