Mysterious Mexican Batman Urges People to Fight Pandemic by Staying Home

The Covid-19 pandemic is a problem that even Batman would have a tough time solving, but this Mexican version of the caped crusader is doing his best to help.

Authorities in the Mexican city of Monterrey have received assistance from a very unlikely source in their efforts to keep people in their homes as part of a social distancing plan to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. A real-life Batman wearing the iconic costume of DC’s superhero and driving a custom version of the Batmobile has been patrolling the city streets and asking people to stay at home. The unidentified man has been spending his days blasting a pre-recorded message from his Batmobile, encouraging people to minimize physical interaction.

“Hey, you! Stay home, try to go out as little as possible and together we will be superheroes against the coronavirus. I can’t do this job alone!” the pre-recorded message warns.

It’s not clear how Monterrey officials feel about being aided by a masked civilian vigilante, but so far police have left the Mexican Batman alone. He has even given interviews to various news channels, expressing his disbelief at families who keep going out despite official warnings, and encouraging the people of the city to obey them going forward.

“I call to all of Nuevo León that I alone cannot cope with this situation. Join us as superheroes, stay home,” the real-life Batman said. “I understand that the situation is complicated, that people are desperate, that it is very hot, but, well, turn on the TV, spend time with your families, take advantage of this time.”

“Today I saw entire families, with children. Even though the government has told people that they must remain at home … you still see people in the street acting as if nothing were happening,” the caped crusader complained.


Interestingly, while looking for more information on the Monterrey Batman, I found this short YouTube clip from about a year ago, which shows him stepping out from the same Batmobile and bringing gifts to a couple of disabled local kids, and then posing with other young kids from the neighborhood. I guess he has been involved in helping the local community long before the coronavirus made him internationally famous.

This isn’t the first real-life Batman we’ve ever featured on Oddity Central. There was the Russian Batman waging war on Moscow’s criminals, the Slovakian version, and even a Japanese Dark Knight, named Chibatman.