Nose Secret – Two Pieces of Plastic Can Go a Long Way When You Can’t Afford a Nose Job

If you’re not fully satisfied with the shape and size of your nose, but aren’t convinced invasive rhinoplasty is the way to go, may be you should consider Nose Secret.

This Korean invention consists of “a pair of curved and comfortable splints that you place at the inside edge of each nostril to make your nose look narrower and straighter, instantly,” according to the official website. The splints create a gentle pressure, lifting the top part of the nose and narrowing the nostrils. This results in a “more refined appearance of the nose” and “better harmony of the facial features.”

The splints aren’t visible at all once inserted in the nostrils, but they also won’t produce any dramatic changes to the shape and size of your nose. Nose Secret seems to be designed for those who want a higher, sharper looking nose, which is highly coveted by some Asians. The website states that the product will help anyone looking for a ‘slim and wide nose’, ‘lift a blended nose tip’, ‘straighten a crooked nose’, and ‘enhance the beauty of ethnic noses (Asian, African American, Hispanic, etc)’.


The makers of Nose Secret claim that with some practice, users should be able insert and remove the device in about 20 seconds. It can be used anywhere and in any situation, except while swimming, laying down, sleeping, working out, or performing any strenuous physical activity. It should be worn for short periods of time, at first, but usage time can be increased as the user become more comfortable with it. The co-founder of the company wrote on the website that she has been using the product for the past 15 years, with good results.


After proving a big hit in Korea, Nose Secret is now sold worldwide through the product’s official website and various resellers. The device comes in five different sizes, ranging from XS to XL. The $34.95 kits include three different sizes to ensure a good fit – XS, S, M for a small nose, S, M, L for an average sized nose, and M, L, XL for medium to larger noses.






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