Woman Sneaks Out of Hospital After Plastic Surgery to Avoid Paying

A woman recently tried to sneak out of a private hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, hours after undergoing plastic surgery in order to avoid having to pay for the procedure.

The incident reportedly took place last week at a private hospital in Istanbul’s Sisli neighborhood and was captured on camera by passers-by. In a short clip that has been doing the rounds online, a woman wearing a hospital robe and white slippers can be seen arguing with doctors and nurses trying to stop her from leaving. The woman’s face is visibly swollen and almost completely covered in bandages, which makes sense when considering she had only undergone extensive plastic surgery just hours prior. What makes less sense is the woman’s motives for leaving her hospital bed as soon as her anesthesia wore off – trying to avoid covering the bill for the procedure.

Turkish news outlet NTV reported that the foreign woman, whose identity and nationality have not been disclosed, had traveled to Turkey to get plastic surgery to her face. She had sat down with doctors and agreed on the procedure and its cost, but as soon as she could walk straight after the cosmetic procedure, she allegedly tried to sneak out of the hospital without paying.


Unfortunately for the woman, hospital staff noticed her as she was leaving the hospital and confronted her. An altercation ensued as the woman was prevented from leaving until security arrived, and she started swearing at the nurses and doctors in a foreign language. It was reported that the patient was later escorted back to the hospital, but it’s unclear how the situation was resolved.