Japan’s Plastic Surgery Idol Has Spent $100,000 on Cosmetic Procedures

Todoroki, a 30-year-old Japanese woman known as Japan’s plastic surgery idol, has spent over 13 million yen on plastic surgery over the last decade.

Posting as 整形アイドル轟ちゃん (Plastic Surgery Idol Todoroki-chan) on YouTube, Todoroki is one of the few vloggers who not only focuses on a topic that is still considered taboo in her home country but also shows the dark side of going under the knife. She has had dozens of plastic surgery procedures since she turned 18, and has always been upfront about the results. For example, even though she claims that she has no regrets about her plastic surgery journey so far, Todoroki doesn’t hide the fact that one procedure left her with a numb upper lip.

Photos: 整形アイドル轟ちゃん/Twitter

Todoroki-chan first decided to turn to plastic surgery in junior high school, when her peers started teasing her about her looks, calling her ugly, and laughing at her. At first, she thought it was because she was timid and had otaku hobbies, but a field trip made her realize that she also viewed herself as uglier than her peers.

After taking some photos with colleagues and seeing herself in them, Todoroki was shocked and thought to herself, “I’m so ugly compared to other people”. The 30-year-old says that while most people turn to plastic surgery to make themselves attractive, she did it to “make herself seem normal” and to finally “like herself”.

The young plastic surgery idol underwent her first plastic surgery procedure at age 18, after convincing her parents to sign a letter of consent. She wanted to get double eyelid surgery, and even though her family didn’t really approve at first they eventually understood that it was what she wanted. She went through with it and went on to get dozens of other procedures since. She claims to have spent over 13.5 million yen ($98,000) on plastic surgery.

Boasting 406,000 subscribers on YouTube, Todoroki-chan is one of Japan’s most popular plastic surgery influencers. Although plastic surgery is still widely frowned upon in her country, the 30-year-old believes that one day ‘casual plastic surgery culture’ will take root in Japan, just like it has in South Korea. However, she doesn’t necessarily consider that a good thing…


“For me, plastic surgery was a “remedy” to accept myself, I gained confidence that I was getting closer to normal,” Todoroki-chan said in an interview with Oricon Magazine. “But not everything goes well with plastic surgery. I’ve experienced failures, and I think talking openly about plastic surgery is very important.”

On her YouTube channel, Todoroki-chan talks both about her plastic surgery transformation, and the pain and recovery time she has had to endure to achieve these results. She is always open about the dark side of plastic surgery and tries to help people make the right decisions about their appearance instead of simply promoting cosmetic procedures.