Japanese Girl Has Been Getting Plastic Surgery Since 5th Grade

A Japanese girl sparked controversy recently after revealing that she has been getting plastic surgery since 5th grade and that she has so far spent over 10 million yen ($72,000) to change her appearance.

Zirazyo_ is an up-and-coming Japanese influencer whose shot to fame came when she revealed that her current appearance is the result of plastic surgery. The young girl recently posted a TikTok video where she claims to have had her first cosmetic procedure in the 5th grade (10 or 11 years old), and that she has been altering her appearance ever since, spending over 10 million yen in the process. Zirazyo_ confessed that she has been struggling with criticism for her plastic surgery her entire life, but that she is fighting to break the stigma that plastic surgery is a negative thing.

Photo: @Zirazyo_/Twitter

When she was in third grade, Zirazyo_ used to tape or glue her eyelids to create the effect of a blepharoplasty, but when her mother told her that there was actually a procedure that would make the effect permanent, the young girl asked if she could go under the knife. She had the procedure in the 5th grade, and she loved the result, but her schoolmates started bullying her for it.

Zirazyo_ says that all through elementary school and junior high school, kids used to talk behind her back and laugh at her because of her plastic surgery, but she didn’t let it bother her too much and always told herself that they were just envious on her cute looks.

Speaking of cute looks, Zirazyo_ confessed that her younger sister’s natural cuteness played a big part in her decision to undergo various cosmetic procedures. She had always dreamed of being in the entertainment industry, but she wasn’t the cute one in the family, her sister was. She always received compliments on her looks and in middle school she was considered the cutest girl in school. But that all changed thanks to plastic surgery.

When she was in union high-school, she had never had a boyfriend and she was dealing with constant bullying. But after 3 cosmetic procedures, her appearance changed drastically and all of a sudden people’s opinions of her changed as well. Not only did it boost her self-esteem and confidence, but it also made it possible for people to discover who she was inside, instead of rejecting her because of her looks.

Zirazyo_ claims to have spent over 10 million yen on cosmetic procedures so far, and looking at her before-and-after pictures, it’s obvious that her appearance has changed pretty drastically. And despite turning to plastic surgery at a very young age, she doesn’t have any regrets. In fact, she considers herself somewhat of a plastic surgery ambassador.

Asked why she decided to reveal her plastic surgery transformation on social media,Zirazyo_ said that there is a perception in Japan that natural cuteness is good, but cuteness through plastic surgery is not. She is here to change that and tell the world how plastic surgery changed her life for the better.

At the same time, Zirazyo_ advises people to not compare themselves with others, if they want to keep their sanity, because social media these days can really make users depressed. She acknowledges that plastic surgery can have a dark side and that some people can become addicted to cosmetic procedures.

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