Professional ‘Rinsers’ Take to the Internet to Find Generous Wealthy Men

Gold-diggers have been around for centuries, but according to a TV documentary this breed of women has been constantly evolving, and is now taking advantage of technology to land their benefactors.

English Channel 4 has produced a documentary called “Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys”, featuring three modern ‘rinsers’ who use their feminine charms to get wealthy followers on Facebook and Twitter to finance their glamorous lifestyles.  Jeanette Worthington, Danica Thrall and Hollie Capper merely offer their admirers a virtual friendship and hardly ever meet them in person, but they expect expensive gifts for their efforts. “I want to teach women how to do it. What’s the point in scrimping and saving for all of your life when a muppet down the road is going to pay you £1,000 a month to live like a princess,” says one of the three expert rinsers.

Jeannette Worthington (center) Photo: Channel 4

But how do these three English women get what they want from rich easily-manipulated men? Believe it or not, they don’t even have to meet them face to face mot of the time, all it takes is posting their wish lists on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and their Amazon accounts, and some occasional online flirting. “I do nice things for my friends and I don’t expect them to have sex with me,” Jeanette says, confident her statement makes all the sense in the world. Expensive watches, dozens of Jimmy Choo shoes, exotic holidays are just some of the lavish gifts rich men have offered these rinsers just to get to know them better.

33-year-old Jeanette Worthington admits finding young guys in the rinsing business is very rare, like a four-leaf clover, and says most of her connections are elderly businessmen and divorcees. Although she realizes this kind of lifestyle does have its pitfalls and manipulating men can come at a price, the rinser says she couldn’t imagine her life any other way. She adds: “I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m not breaking any laws. If people are going to fall for it it’s their problem… They’re stupid.”

Danica Thrall

So just to clarify, rinsing means getting nice stuff for free without even have to meet who bought if for you. And, according to a journalist from the Guardian, a simple “thank you” is apparently too much. He went to Danica Thrall’s official site and bought her a copy of Britney Spears’ “Crossroads” movie she had on her wish list. Then he tweeted to her, letting her know about his little gesture, but got nothing back, not even a squeak. Men probably need to buy Danica much more expensive stuff to get a tweet back from someone like her.

via Daily Mail