Religious Movement Stores Positive Spiritual Energy in Special Batteries, to Be Used When the World Needs It Most

Members of the Aetherius Society, a fringe religious movement founded in the 1950s, believe that spiritual power is a tangible type of energy, like electricity, so they store it in special “spiritual power batteries” for release in case of global catastrophes. The Aetherius Society claims to have prevented several international crises by releasing the concentrated spiritual energy stored in these special batteries.

Founded in 1954 by a former taxi driver called David King the Aetherius Society is one of the earliest UFO-based religious movements in the world. Its members believe that some of the most famous religious figures in human history come from different planets. The Hindu god Krishna, for example, apparently comes from Saturn, which also happens to be home to a “Cosmic Hierarchy” or “Interplanetary Council”, while Jesus and Buddha are from Venus. The main goal of the Aetherius Society is to work with these “Cosmic Masters” to help humanity solve and prevent its problems so it can advance into the New Age. One of the ways it does this is with the help of spiritual power, which can be stored in special batteries indefinitely.

Photo: ambroo/Pixabay

There are many interesting aspects to the Aetherius Society, but the one that always seems to draw the most attention is Operation Prayer Power. Designed by Dr. George King in 1973, this “cosmic mission” involves the direction of spiritual energy by praying members of the religious movement at a trained leader which mentally directs it into a spiritual power battery, where it can be stored indefinitely.

“Qualifying to pray at the battery can take literally years of practice and is a great skill,” the Aetherius Society website states. “The energy invoked has to be of a certain quality which is not easy to achieve. Each prayer is assessed by a qualified prayer assessor, and this assessment, along with careful timing of each blessing and prayer, then determines how much energy is calculated to have been put into the battery.”

The spiritual power battery is made out of “certain materials which conduct spiritual energies” and was designed by Dr. King to quickly release the energy within in concentrated form with the help of something called a “spiritual energy radiator”. This concentrated energy is then directed by the Cosmic Masters at a specific target where it is needed the most, such as a crucial peace negotiation, or a denuclearization summit.

The Aetherius Society lists a number of instances in which its spiritual energy batteries have saved the world from the brink of disaster. For example, in 1974, when a war between Greece and Turkey was fought over the island of Cyprus, a spiritual power battery was discharged in London and directed at the peacemakers gathered in the United Nations in New York, as well as at Cyprus itself. Within hours, a ceasefire was accepted by both sides and peace followed soon after.


On April 23rd, 1981, hundreds of hours worth of spiritual energy was released and directed to Poland, which determined the Soviet Union not to invade the central European country, despite the growing anti-communist sentiment there. Poland went on to become the catalyst for the downfall of communism in Eastern Europe.

In January of 1993, following the oil spill of the “Braer” tanker in the Shetlands, Scotland, two separate batteries of over 550 prayer hours each were discharged, which resulted in the registered deaths of only 1,542 birds, six otters and no whales. This was apparently much less of a disaster than similar incidents which had resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead animals.


I bet you never imagined that a battery, let alone a spiritual one, could thwart global disasters or at least mitigate the damage they cause. Well, you live and you learn.