Russian Woman Wakes Up to Boa Constrictor Coming Out of Her Toilet

A Moscow woman recently got the shock of her life when she entered her bathroom and saw a full-grown white Boa constrictor snake hanging out on her toilet bowl.

Exotic snakes crawling up from toilets may not be a worthy news topic in countries like Australia or Brazil, where the slithering reptiles are virtually a part of everyday life, but as a European living in a bustling city, it’s not the kind of thing you ever expect to see. However, one Moscow resident almost had a heart attack when she entered her bathroom and found an albino boa constrictor coming out of her toilet bowl. The shocked woman slammed the bathroom door shut and immediately called emergency service. It turned out that the snake was a fellow resident of the apartment building who had simply gone out to explore its drain pipe system.

According to the SHOT Telegram channel, the albino boa constrictor belonged to another resident of the building, who had left it in his bathroom in order to clean its terrarium. The curious reptile reportedly managed to enter the pipe system through the bathtub drain and made its way into the woman’s toilet bowl. Apparently, the boa is a repeat offender, as two years ago it escaped its terrarium and was found on the apartment building’s stairwell by another terrified neighbor.

When police arrived, they took a few photos of the constrictor, before calling a snake expert to get it out of the woman’s bathroom. They then photographed themselves again holding the snake, because why not?

It’s unclear whether the snake’s owner faced any consequences, considering this was the second such incident in two years, but one thing is for sure, the boa is an explorer.

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