Shins of Steel – The Man Who Can Break Three Baseball Bats with a Super-Kick

For obvious reasons, most people wouldn’t even attempt to break a baseball bat with a shin kick, but Dr. Mak Yuree owes his superhuman reputation to his ability to break through three baseball bats with his thunder kicks.

Hailing from Dakha, Bangladesh, Mak Yuree is a world renown martial arts expert who has spent almost his entire life training in 40 different fighting styles, including Varma Kalai, one of the oldest and deadliest forms of pressure point martial art. He is also an international authority on meditation, mind training and motivational speaking, but most average people know him as the guy who can break baseball bats with his tibia. Yuree has set a world record for most wooden baseball bats broken with a single kick, after shattering three of them in one go, and has since then performed the amazing feat at a number of events and on television. Growing up under iron discipline in military boarding school, Thundershin Man says he trained for nearly 20 years by kicking tree trunks with rope rolled over them.


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Featured on a number of superhuman-related TV shows, Dr. Mak Yuree stunned audiences around the world with his incredibly powerful shin kicks. Eager to learn if there’s more to his “trick” than constant physical and mental training, experts examined his legs and found that he had more bone mass in his tibia that the average person. But that can also be considered a consequence of his life-long training, because every time Mak Yuree kicks something hard with his shins, micro-fractures occur and that sends a message to his body that it needs a stronger bone in that particular area, so it is automatically laying down more bone. At the same time, an experiment has shown he is also capable of using virtually all of the muscle force in his leg, which is also very unusual for the average human. But the sheer courage with which he bangs his tibia on multiple baseball bats knowing full well there’s a big chance it might break is the most impressive part of Dr. Mak Yuree’s superhuman stunt.


I wonder if Yuree has ever considered participating in the annual Shin Kicking Championship, I think he might actually have a chance to win…


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