Panamanian Mr. T Is a Coconut Peeling Machine

I pity the fool who would dare try to compete with 64-year-old Andres Gardin in a coconut peeling contest. The Mr T. lookalike has been using his strong teeth to peel off the fruit’s hardened shell for over 50 years, but he is till waiting for Guinness to add his name to their famous record book.

The B.A. Baracus fan from Rio Alexander, a small and humble town in the province of Colon, Panama, has been entertaining neighbors and colleagues with his amazing talent for over half a century. While most men his age are thinking about retirement and playing with their grandchildren, Andres Gardin is busy using his vice-like jaws to peel off coconuts. He’s been doing it since he was just 11 years old, after seeing his own father use his teeth to angrily bite through a coconut that had fallen on his head, knocking him unconscious. He reckons he has since then peeled off over 100,000 coconuts, and claims his dentures are as strong as they’ve ever been. Still, he says ripping off the fruit’s tough shell is not as easy as it looks; it requires strong jaws and teeth, as well as the power of God. Gardin’s biggest wish is to have his name mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records. He says he can peel 500 coconuts in just six and a half ours, more than enough to beat any who would dare challenge him, yet no official has ever come to verify his feats.


Photo: YouTube caption

Those who have seen Andres Gardin peel off coconuts in only eight seconds agree that his talents are worthy of official recognition, and hope that the recent media exposure will attract the attention of Guinness Book officials. The Panamanian Mr. T has even tried to get the president’s office involved in his quest to get the record organization interested in his coconut peeling skills, but so far he’s been unsuccessful. And as if gnawing his way through hundreds of coconuts wasn’t enough, Andres can also use his strong dentures to pull two cars. But like any superhuman, he has his weakness: when his barber rubs alcohol on his head after a haircut, the man known as “Pela Cocos” (Coconut Peeler) jumps out of his seat from the pain.


Source: Agence France Press