Tattoo Artist Sparks Controversy with Amateurish-Looking $700 Tattoo

A German tattoo artist has been criticized for charging a client hundreds of dollars for a back tattoo that many have compared to a childish doodle.

Mykhailo, a 21-year old tattoo artist from Berlin, Germany, recently posted a TikTok video of one of his latest projects, an abstract, scribble-like design that his client allegedly paid 900 euros ($960) for. The short clip quickly went viral, with nearly 2 million views at the time of this writing and hundreds of comments about the quality of the artwork. The tattoo consists of two shapes resembling hurriedly doodled flowers stemming out of a scribbled section surrounded by dozens of seemingly disconnected lines. While some people described the tattoo as a piece of art, others said that they wouldn’t have it inked on their bodies even if someone paid them $10,000.

Photo: TikTok

“Looks like my graph from finals when I forgot to bring a ruler,” one TikTok viewer jokingly commented on Mykhailo’s video.

The young tattoo artist admitted to bumping up the price of the tattoo to make it even more controversial and increase the chances of the video going viral. He told Insider that the real price he charged for the artwork was around $700, but even that is apparently too much for some.

Speaking about the abstract design, Mykhailo said that it was inspired by concepts like ‘freedom’ and ‘beauty’, and was settled upon after consultations with the client. He admitted that he knew the design would spark controversy, and actually counted on it to get some free publicity.

“I’m trying to complement not only their body shapes but personality as well,” the artist said about the designs he usually inks on clients.

Interestingly, a look over Mykhailo’s portfolio shows a number of questionable tattoo designs, but as long as people are willing to pay him for them, who are we to judge?

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