South African Restaurant Has Nunchuck-Wielding Karate Master Guarding Patrons’ Cars

Patrons dining at Lefty’s Restaurant, in Cape Town, South Africa, can relax and enjoy their meal knowing that their car is protected by a nunchuck-wielding karate master known only as Master Lolo.

Car guards are quite popular in many South-African cities, charging drivers a fee to look over their vehicles and keep them safe from thieves while they are dining or shopping. But no car guard is more famous than Master Lolo, a Congolese balaclava-wearing, nunchuck-wielding karate master hanging out in front of Lefty’s Restaurant, on Harrington Street, in cape Town. The 36-year-old has become a local celebrity, with people showing their gratitude for his services by posting videos of him in action on sites like YouTube.

“People need their cars protected and I have the ability to make the area safe. I am very good at it and will do it for as long as I am needed,” he told the Daily Voice. He admits that the area is very quiet and that so far he has only had to move people along instead of fighting them, but claims that’s probably because of his reputation. “People know not to make trouble here,” he said.


Photo: Bertram Malgas

Master Lolo, who says he has no other names, claims to be a 2nd Dan black belt, trained since he was 19-years-old by his master in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was forced to leave his country in 2008, when he says the ruling party “started targeting karate masters, accusing them of being rebels”. After his master and his son were killed by the Government, he decided to leave and settled in South Africa. “We had to leave or we would be dead,” he told reporters.

Every day, at 5 pm, he dons his balaclava and grabs his nunchucks and patrols menacingly in front of Lucky’s, scaring off any potential troublemakers. His presence alone makes everyone feel more at ease, as waitress Lara Ries, 20, confirms: “He is so cool and calm and the nicest guy you will ever meet. We never knew he was this talented until he showed us and he even tried to teach some of us how to work the nunchucks. He is amazing.”


In fact, his coworkers at Lucky’s Restaurant appreciate his work so much that they give him a cut of their tips.

Source: IOL News

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