Sperm Bike Rides Around Seattle

When marketing ideas are merged with eco-friendly ones, some truly unique solutions are bound to emerge. One such idea is that of the Seattle Sperm Bank, where workers pick up and deliver sperm samples, on bikes that are literally shaped like sperm.

The Sperm Bike, as it is called, has turned out to be quite a head-turner around the city. The size as well as the design tend to grab attention. At 120 pounds and 10 foot long, it is actually quite a big bike. A rather bulbous container placed in front of the rider is the main cooling and storage system for the sperm being transported. The container is filled with  liquid nitrogen and can fit up to 25 or 30 vials containing sperm.

Transporting materials that could soon become another human life, the bike is a custom made one. The idea of this bike was first conceived and made use of at Seattle Sperm Bank’s sister company, the European Sperm Bank. Starting with the idea of delivering sperm to fertility clinics in an environmentally friendly manner, the first Sperm Bullitt was built. This was later adopted in Seattle as the Sperm Bike.

The bike is currently used to transfer sperm samples from the Seattle Sperm Lab to reproductive centers and fertility clinics. However, it also acts as an effective marketing tool, getting more men interested in the idea of much needed sperm donations.


Owing to Seattle’s hilly streets and the size of the bike itself, it is equipped with a small motor, making the journey easier on the rider. Many employees of the sperm bank have admitted that the bike has received quite a bit of attention on the streets of Seattle.

via Seattle PI

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