Stressed Russians Can Now Unwind by Destroying an Entire Room with a Sledgehammer

Ever felt so angry that you could break everything in the room? Well, a new stress busting trend in Russia is letting people do just that. The art project, known as ‘Debosh’, offers stressed out folks the opportunity to destroy an entire room with sledge hammers, baseball bats, clubs and more!

So whether you’ve had a bad day at work, a huge fight with your spouse, or you just need a way to vent out all that passive aggressive frustration, all you have to do is fork out $160 to $450 – depend on the cost of the furniture involved, which is mostly cheap, old mid-century stuff – and you can go crazy on the place.

So far, the service has proved a big hit. There are other ‘rage room’ services in Moscow, but Project Debosh is so popular because it allows a huge amount of customization. Users can select the furniture through an a la carte service and they can have a car placed into the room to take their frustration out on.


Customers have been pouring in ever since the place opened up, a few weeks ago. One person, who preferred to remain anonymous, said he felt “just great” after destroying an entire room. “I decided to start with the TV,” he said. “I imagined that it must break very nicely, making a lot of noise with special effects. I had absolutely no thoughts in my head, and it was an amazing experience. I was so pleased when I finished up with the room, my body felt absolutely great.”


According to psychologist Yuriy Adamovskiy, this sort of release can indeed do wonders for your health. “If a person has no way to channel negative emotions out of the body, they tend to build up and can cause health problems later on,” he said.


Aleksey Boritskiy, the brains behind Project Debosh, said he has several other similar ideas up his sleeve. He’s going to have competitions in the future on who can throw computers the farthest, along with other sport-oriented events. “There are a lot of people who get very frustrated about computers, so this could well be very popular.”


Most rage room entrepreneurs, including Boritskiy, say that venting out in such controlled environments is a great way to let off steam, but it is only a form of entertainment, not an alternative to mental therapy.

Photos: Project Debosh

via RT


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