Successful Businessman Selling His Whole Life on eBay

After working hard to build a business and achieve millionaire status, a Florida entrepreneur is selling it all on eBay. This includes his successful video game stores, two beachside condos, several expensive cars and three kayaks. All for the small price of $3.5 million.

Some people work their whole life and don’t even get close to amassing a fortune as large as 29-year-old’s Shane Butcher. The Tampa Bay gamer owns a thriving video game business as well as several houses and cars and lives a life most of us only dream of, and yet he is ready to sell it all and start over. “My name’s Shane, and I’m putting my American dream up for sale,” the young businessman says in his eBay ad. Butcher got the idea to pass on his success to somebody else after he heard about other people who made similar sales on eBay. He and his family are in search of a new challenge, and want to visit the world, so they decided to sell everything they’ve built so far. “If you build a castle, it’s awesome to sell it and then start building another one, hopefully bigger and better,” Shane said.

For anyone willing to pay the asking price of $3.5 million, Butcher is giving away all his fully-stocked “R.U. Game?” video game stores, located in Gainesville, Tampa, and Brandon, two houses that come with everything the Butchers own, with only a few exceptions, three vehicles and three kayaks. Because Shane has been an avid gamer all his life, he’s also giving away his entire collection of rare games and gaming systems to the lucky buyer. Also, to make sure the new owner of his business learns the ropes, he will stay on as a personal mentor for six months. To sweeten the deal he will pay in full 1 entire year’s worth of lease on all stores along with an entire year’s worth of HOA fees on our properties so that the new owner can get situated with their new position without worrying about high costs and stack up huge profits. “There are some things that aren’t included. My dog, for instance. My wife and child aren’t included either,” the businessman said, with a laugh.


“It’s something you don’t see every day. You don’t see people selling their life on eBay,” Shane said in an interview with the local media. “There’s plenty of other weird things you see on there like a grilled cheese with the Virgin Mary’s face on it, but this doesn’t happen very often.” “There’s so many things I haven’t seen and you just can’t see everything when you’re tied down to a business,” he said. “I’ve never seen Mount Everest, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park–I want to go see things. I have a huge bucket list,” Butcher added. Ah, I wish I had a successful business to sell…Anyone wanna buy this site for $1 million?

Source: My Fox

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