Suspected Drug Dealer Goes 34 Days Without Taking a Poo

Can you imagine going a whole month without taking a dump? One suspected drug dealer in Harlow, England has gone a record-breaking 34 days without passing stools for fear of providing police with evidence after allegedly swallowing drugs right before his arrest last month.

24-year-old Lamarr Chambers was arrested on January 17, after failing to stop his car when police put their lights on. Officers claim that during the chase, the suspect was “moving his head towards his hand and his hand towards his head as if he was eating something”, but when he finally pulled over, Chambers casually told them that he had been eating fried chicken. Police have reason to believe that he actually swallowed crack cocaine and heroin that he intended to sell around Harlow, so they have been holding him in custody and waiting for him to take a number two. But he simply refuses to do it.

Photo: Dean Hochman/Flickr

Prosecutor Kathy Wilson claims that the detained suspect has been deliberately limiting his food intake to prevent bowel movement, but recent updates suggest that he has been eating up to eight cereal bars per day, which he later swapped for fruits and vegetables, and even some fish made by his mother. But after over a month in police custody, nature still hasn’t taken its course.

“Mr Chambers has not properly been to the toilet for some 33 days,” prosecutor Kathy Wilson told reporters yesterday.

Details from Chambers’ most recent appearance before the Chelmsford Magistrates Court suggested that he may have passed stools in the hospital, but Wilson clarified that no ‘faecal matter’ had been collected and that plice are still on #PooWatch.

“He did wipe his bottom and there was a stain on the toilet paper,” she told “Had any amount of faecal matter been passed, we would not be in this position today.”

In the beginning of this bizarre case, Harlow Police used the #PooWatch hashtag to keep reporters informed about any developments, but 24 days into the suspect’s toilet strike, they just stopped providing updates, informing media outlets that they will be making a final announcement “when he does what he needs to do”.

Thanks to his capacity to prevent bowel movement, Lamarr Chambers smashed through Britain’s old record for most days spent in police custody, which stood at 23 days.

UPDATE: 38 days and still no poop. Chambers says he would rather die than let nature take its course…

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