The Big Eat 2008

British love their minced meat pies so much, they actually invented a contest to see who can eat the most pies in ten minutes time. Kind of like the American hot-dog eating contest, only these minced meat-filled delicacies are a lot harder to gobble-down.

This year The Big Eat took place on November 18, at Wookey Hole and it featured only British contestants. This after in 2007 American Sonya Thomas crossed the ocean to rob the Brits of their pie-eating title. She managed to eat 48 pies with the runner-up managing to swallow 15. This year the organizers wanted to have an English winner so only natives could register.

Denzil Gunner claimed the top prize this year with 41 pies. He got $1000 and a trip to the USA to participate in their various eating contests and, hopefully, humiliate them on their own soil.

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