The Birdman of Chennai – Indian Man Feeds 4,000 Parakeets Every Single Day

62-year-old Sekar has earned himself the nickname ‘Birdman of Chennai’ for his remarkable generosity towards thousands of parakeets. Every day, he hosts a grand feast for 4,000 of the exotic birds at his home in Chennai, India.

Sekar’s unusual interaction with the birds began after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. He had noticed a pair of displaced parrots near his back porch, and proceeded to feed them some rice from his kitchen. This continued for a few days and the birds nested nearby, eventually multiplying to thousands.

Sekar, a camera repairman by profession, now spends about 40% of his income feeding the birds. He rises early every day to cook giant pots of rice, which he then spreads on special wooden planks laid in neat rows on the roof of his house. 


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“I wake up by 4.30am every morning,” he said. “It takes 30 minutes to prepare the rice to be served. Then I start arranging the planks, 14 in a row, and start placing the rice on them. I finish this arrangement around 5.45am. And by 6am sharp, all the parrots from far, fly in and assemble promptly. The same way, in the evening, they start by 4pm and have their food till 6.00 or 6.30pm.”


Photo: video caption

“In these 10 years, I might have missed eating a meal at times. But the parrots have never missed a single meal,” he added proudly. “It’s all love.”

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