The Rope-Sleeper – Chinese Uses Single Rope as a Hammock

While the rest of us roll around in bed all night trying to find that elusive ‘sweet spot’, 51-year-old Liang Yanguo can make himself quite comfortable on a single-rope hammock. That’s right, his favorite resting spot is actually a sling made of a single nylon rope tied between two trees.

Nicknamed the ‘Kungfu Man’, Liang has been spotted lying on a rope at a park in Huangyan, China’s Zhejiang Province. Sometimes he hangs on with one hand while the other rests on his chest. He is also able to kick up his legs and open his arms, or even bring his palms together to salute passersby. Irrespective of the position he assumes, he always appears calm and Zen-like.


Morning exercisers and passersby at the park often stop to chat with the Kungfu Man, or click a few pictures. He obliges by communicating with them, while managing to remain perfectly still on the rope. He recently revealed to reporters that he learned the technique from his Kungfu master.


In the beginning, he needed three ropes bundled together to keep his balance. “I would lay on one rope and use both hands to grasp the other two ropes,” Liang explained. “Still, I fell off a few times.” Over time, he mastered the skill, and he can now make do with just a single rope.


It turns out that he started practicing the rare skill after he was diagnosed with throat cancer three years ago. “Although the surgery was very successful, the doctor said if I didn’t rest well, I might only have the last six months to live,” he said. “The disease almost used up all of my savings and I was unable to work.” So he turned to rope balancing and says the skill has really helped him in recovery.


Liang said that anyone can give rope balancing a try, if they’re strong and can remain focussed. “People without any experience in Kungfu can also do it, as long as they can keep balance with their bottom, shoulders, head and the rope,” he explained. “What matters is if they can concentrate without any distracting thoughts.”



Images: Tencent News

via Shanghaiist

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