This Afghan Bruce Lee Doppelganger Will Blow Your Mind

Abulfazl Abbas Shakoory not only bears an uncanny resemblance to legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee, but he can also perform his incredible moves almost to perfection. Shakoory has become an internet celebrity of sorts, after putting up videos of his stunts on social media websites.

The 20-year-old Kabul resident, who calls himself “Bruce Hazara” has been practicing various types of martial arts ever since he was a child. He had always considered Bruce Lee his hero, and describes the ability of mastering his famous moves as his “only dream”. To accomplish his goal, Shakoory has also started practicing Wushu, a full-contact sport derived from Chinese martial arts. As fate would have it, his face resembles that of the great Chinese actor as well, and adopting his famous bowl haircut made “Bruce Hazara” an almost perfect doppelganger.


In the videos he has been putting up online, the Bruce Lee of Afghanistan can be seen wearing the same attire as the legendary actor, adopting the same stances, executing his famous moves and even replicating his iconic noises. It took him years of training, watching all his hero’s movies and reading books about him, but watching him perform, it’s easy to see that it has all payed off. Some have described his resemblance to the real Bruce Lee as eerie, going as far as calling him a reincarnation of the great action hero.


And for those who consider Abulfazl Abbas Shakoory just a knockoff, it’s worth mentioning that his martial arts prowess is genuine. In a recent Wushu tournament held in Kabul, the Afghan Bruce Lee ranked at the top of his category. Talking to Ruptly about his ambitions, he said “”I would like to be a sportsman and a champion for Afghanistan.”









Photos: Bruce Hazara/Facebook

via New York Daily News