Thrifty Pensioner Has Been Using the Same Plastic Shopping Bag for 34 Years

Grandfather-of-three Martin McCaskie is a true environmentalist – the 72-year-old has used the same Tesco plastic bag for groceries over 2,000 times – since 1981!

Martin’s never made a big deal of being thrifty, so his own family didn’t know about his little vintage keepsake until he pulled the bag out of his pocked last week at his daughter Helen’s house. They were surprised to see the ancient yet well-maintained bag that the shopping chain had produced over three decades ago to commemorate their golden jubilee. Helen posted a picture of the bag on Facebook, where it went viral.


Photo: ITV News/Ian Lang

“I can’t even remember which store it came from but it has served me well,” Martin later told the media. “My motto is ‘waste not, want not’. I always keep it folded in the pocket of my coat in case we ever need one. It’s proved very handy since the charge came in for plastic bags in Wales four years ago, but even before then I would never throw away a plastic bag. I just use it as and when it’s needed. You can’t put anything too heavy in it but it’s fine for groceries.”

“I suppose I’m a bit of a hoarder,” Martin admitted. “I keep lots of old carrier bags. This is definitely the oldest one I’ve got.”


Photo: Telegraph/Mercury Press

As pointed out by Express, “there have been five British Prime Ministers, six US Presidents, three Popes, and 836 UK Number Ones” since the bag in question was made!